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Micki D. Fish

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Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance that does not change.

Premiums never increase.

Face amounts never decrease.

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Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life insurance that pays you if you die, develop cancer, have a heart attack, have a stroke, have kidney failure or much more.

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Term Insurance

Term insurance pays the owner if death occurs within a certain period of time. Popular terms are 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.

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Debt Free Life Program

Eliminate your debt in 9 years or less, without spending any additional money per month.

Create tax-free retirement income while paying off debt in record time.

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Final Expense

Life insurance dedicated to funeral costs, debt, probate costs, and etc.

Popular among clients 45 and older

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Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance

Life insurance dedicated to pay mortgage payments. Includes chronic illnesses, critical illness and terminal illnesses.

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Accidental Death Life Insurance

Life insurance that pays out if death is by accident. Accidents include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, or any other non-health related death.

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Tax-Free Retirement Solutions

Life insurance designed to help clients create a tax-free retirement income. Great for children -

College Planning

Great for adults - Tax-Free Planning

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Guaranteed Approval

Life Insurance

Life insurance designed by carriers that don't ask any health questions. No DECLINES! Affordable rates!

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable!

"Micki is always very helpful and knowledgeable with all the questions we have. She is great to work with."

~ Karen G. H.

Very Reliable and Patient!

What led me to work with Micki is the great first impression I got from her. Micki is incredibly patient and understanding. Micki allowed me time to think it through and decide for myself without trying to influence my thoughts. We reviewed the plans and options available to me, and Micki ensured that I understood the plans. I must admit, it is not easy to understand life insurance, so Micki was always available to answer all my questions. Micki was very reliable and made sure that everything made sense to me before I signed up for the life insurance policy. "

~ Marlene K.

Not Pushy and Down-To-Earth!

Micki is amazing. She is personable and down to earth and makes purchasing life insurance as easy and unintimidating as possible. We also loved her approach. She is not pushy or aggressive and just wants her clients to get what they need and what they can afford. We highly recommend her.


About Micki Fish

I am passionate about helping protect families by planning for the unexpected. In addition to serving clients with general life insurance needs, I also specialize in debt pay-off, retirement assets, and creating lifetime income.

I am an outgoing and dedicated lover of many things, including math, Harry Potter, and the great outdoors! I love learning, and especially enjoy meeting new people.

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